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Farris Auto Sales is a Buy-Here, Pay-Here used vehicle dealership.  We loan you our money to buy a vehicle from us.  There is no middleman.  We do not have to make phone calls to a bank or finance company to see if your credit score is good enough for you to get approved.  At Farris Auto Sales, we try to help if your credit is less than perfect.
These are the things you need to bring when you want to buy a car from Farris Auto Sales.

  • Alabama Drivers License
  • Two Recent Pay Stubs
  • Home Phone Bill or Cell Phone Bill (this can be in someone else’s name)
  • Utility Bill (water, cable, gas or TV) from where you live (these can be in someone else’s name)
  • Power Bill from where you live (this can be in someone else’s name)
  • 2 Pieces of mail that have your name and address on them in the Macon/Montgomery/Lee/Bullock County area.
  • Down Payment


How much are our down payments?
They vary on the car and your job.  If you have been on the job over a year down payments are normally from $1000-$2000.  If you don’t meet our minimum requirements, your down payment will be higher.  If you don’t have the full down payment ask about our Layaway Program.

Why do I need a down payment?
If you put your money into the vehicle you are more likely to be committed to pay the loan.  And you should look at a down payment as good thing.  It reduces the loan, which saves you money on interest because you will pay your loan off quicker.

Do you take trade-ins?
Yes!  Farris Auto Sales would be glad to take your trade-in.  We just ask that it is running good enough to make it to our car lot and that it is paid for with the title in your hands.  And No, we cannot give you a value over the phone.  We need to see it.

Can I pay my payments ahead?
Yes! Many of our customers pay ahead.  It gives them the flexibility to skip a payment or try to pay it off early and save money.

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Farris Auto Sales is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Tuskegee, Macon County and the entire River Region since 1965. Not only do we have one of the largest selections of used vehicles to fit your budget, but we also offer in house financing! Buy Here - Pay Here!